Vernon Tourism Economic Impact Up Again

Congratulations everyone! Economic Impact of the Tourism Industry in Vernon was up once again this summer. As of August 2016, Vernon was pacing 15.3% ahead of 2015 and on track for another record year!

Vernon Tourism Economic Impact Up Again

July 2016 saw MRDT numbers up by 75.2% compared with July 2015, which equates to $5.5M in hotel room revenue and an estimated total visitor spend of $22M. And with August up 21.5% and September up 16.3%, these months alone have triggered $45+ Million in total tourism economic impact, just from visitors staying in hotels! Now add those staying in campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, AirBnB, and with friends and relatives. “We’re seeing interest and we’re leveraging that interest to get people to stay here,” said Ange Chew, Tourism Manager.

A 15.2 per cent hike in hotel tax for the first eight months of 2016 translates into an additional $3.28 million spent on hotel room stays. Based on a model that looks at all visitor spending, including hotels, meals, shopping and activities, the $3.28 million equates to an extra $13.14 million in total visitor economic impact in Vernon. These funds are primarily directed into destination marketing, which translates to better marketing for your businesses, and even bigger, better numbers and successes going forward. For a more in depth look at the numbers, please click here.

These numbers tell a story of fantastic Vernon hospitality and service – thanks to everyone involved! We will keep you posted on final numbers for 2016 as soon as they come in, but in the meantime, onward and upward to an even better 2017.


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